I wind all my pick ups, and can also cut out the bobbins/flatwork, so the pickups can take any shape. If you have custom pick up ideas feel free to get in touch. Below are some examples of pick ups i have made.

split coils

- A hand made set of split coil pick-ups built for Ali Mahmoud's guitar. The split coil pickups are hum canceling like a humbucker. The placement of the split coil shape gives more low-end response to the lower three strings and more high-end response to the higher three strings (like a p-bass pickup). Each coil is then wrapped with copper shielding which makes the sound of the pick up even cleaner on top of the hum canceling of the split coils. The top layer of this pick up is made from the same mint three ply material as the pick guard of the guitar.

single coil with a dummy coil

- A hand made single coil made for a fretless hollow body bass. This pick-up has copper shielding and a dummy coil glued to the bottom to hum cancel. the top of the pick up is made from the same wenge as the finger board of the bass.

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